When Will I be Swimming?

Once someone has decided to build a pool at their home, the next question they ask is “When can you start?”  This is normally followed by “How long will the process take?”  or “When will I be able to enjoy my pool?”

Before we answer these questions, it’s important to know what you or your pool builder consider a finished pool.  Is it when the water goes in the pool?  Or perhaps it isn’t complete until the paving around the pool is installed.  These are both impacted by how much of the project the pool builder is performing.  Are they just building the pool?  Are the also handling the utility connections, paving, fencing and finish landscaping?

Building an inground pool is a process with many components.  The length of the install differs based on what type of pool is being installed.  A one-piece fiberglass pool can be installed in about a week, including:  excavation, setting the pool, plumbing, back-filling, and filling the pool.  A vinyl liner pool should have a similar time frame depending on the contractor.  Concrete pools take longer to build, about 2-4 weeks due to the more labor intensive process and allowing time for the concrete to set properly.  In addition to the type of pool, other pieces of the pool project, such as the coping and paving materials, can affect the timing.  If the coping is a masonry type of material (bricks, pavers, etc) instead of the traditional aluminum, it can take a few more days to complete (not including the lead time for receiving the materials).  If you’re adding other features to your pool area, such as BBQ or bar islands, pergolas, fire pits, and pool houses, many of these items require foundations which typically need to be installed before the paving around the pool can be installed.  Time for these foundations can impact the timeline for completing the pool as well.

On average, a complete project for a vinyl liner or fiberglass pool with a concrete deck and fencing should take about 4 weeks to finish, with average weather (no rainy days or big storms).

We’ve all heard horror stories of unfinished jobs and projects taking way longer than anticipated.  Before choosing a contractor to build your dream backyard, you should ask for a written schedule for the project so you know what to expect for timing.  Once you’ve decided to build a pool, you want to be swimming as soon as possible!