Uncover the Key to More Hot Tub Time

Have you ever been ready for a soak in your hot tub but decided to skip it because you didn’t want to wrestle with the cover?  This can be a common occurrence.  We find when people are not using their hot tub as often as they used to, it’s usually because something about their ability to use it comfortably has changed.  Most often, it’s due to the cover.  When removing the cover becomes a hassle, people are less inclined to enjoy their hot tub.  The good news is there’s an easy fix!  A cover lifter.

A high quality cover lifter is the most important accessory you can have for your hot tub to ensure that it’s enjoyed as often as you desire.  With the proper cover lifter, you never have to worry about being able to get the cover on and off the hot tub.  The right cover lifter requires little effort to use; there are some that can be operated with just one hand!  A cover lifter makes it easy to enjoy your hot tub with little effort.

Not only does a cover lifter make it easier to uncover the hot tub, it also helps prolong the life and effectiveness of the cover, which saves you money.  Spa covers are not inexpensive items to replace and extending the life of the cover by a few years really adds up.  A cover lifter protects the cover from being mishandled, which helps prevent tearing, keeping the cover more energy efficient.

If a bulky spa cover is keeping you from enjoying your hot tub, it’s time to think about a cover lifter.  Spend more time soaking in your hot tub and leave the heavy lifting to the cover lifter.