Tips for Extending Summertime Pool Fun Into the Fall & Beyond

For most people, Labor day marks the end of summer, but it doesn’t have to.  From festive get-togethers to swim breaks in crisp and refreshing solitude, Labor Day can be just the start of a new season of enjoyment for pool owners.

Our friends from APSP (Association of Pool & Spa Professionals) compiled a list of ways to extend your pool season.

Consider some practical features:

  • Turn on the Heat – With  an economical and energy-efficient heater, your pool can stay invitingly warm while the air around you cools.
  • Light it Up – From fairy lights on a fence or landscaping to more extensive built-in lighting, you can turn your pool and spa into an evening or early morning invitation for relaxation and refreshment.
  • Think Solar – A solar blanket draped across the surface of your pool can hep trap the warmth of the sun for a more welcoming temperature for your after-work dip.  If you’re thinking of more extensive renovations, consult an APSP professional for ideas on solar and thermodynamic systems to keep your pool at an even temperature year-round, economically and efficiently.

Create new traditions with poolside get-togethers:

  • Tailgate Poolside – Football fans can enjoy the pre-and-post game party and halftime with a savory sampling of foods and beverages at poolside.  For pool-owners with a big screen at water’s edge, the tailgating doesn’t have to stop when the team takes the field.
  • School Days Celebration – School’s back in session, so why not take a break from work and everyday chores to join other parents for a lunch or coffee around the pool.
  • Celebrate Halloween and Harvest – Throw on a hoodie over the bathing suit and take your spooky fun outside.  Add some festive lights and decorations and your party will sparkle like refreshing pool water.
  • Add Boots to Bathing Suits – Pick the coolest (or coldest) month of the year for your “Boots and Bathing Suits” party.  Dress it up or dress it down, depending on your climate, poolscape, and personal taste.