Save yourself from the hassle and time-consuming task of opening the pool

Our trained technicians can open your pool/spa for you. You’ll rest easy knowing your pool or spa and equipment are handled correctly and will be ready for the summer season. We offer a variety of different plans depending on your needs. If you have questions, please call our service office at (262) 544-5500 ext. 120, 130, or 170

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2024 Pool Opening Plans:

Plan 0 – This opening is included in the purchase of my Swimming Pool Services pool package (SPS built pool, 1st year only) (FREE) FREE
Plan 1 – Remove winter plugs, reinstall fittings and equipment plugs, start-up equipment and circulation system, test for proper operation, and install ladder and handrail $380.00
Plan 2 – Includes all of PLAN 1 plus chemicals $435.00
Plan 3 – Includes all of PLAN 1 plus chemicals and removal of safety mesh cover $480.00
Plan 4 – Includes all of PLAN 1 plus chemicals and removal of Ballastad Solid/Tarp Cover (uses water tubes or bricks) $670.00
Portable Spa Opening – Remove cover, sanitize, fill spa, and start-up equipment $450.00
Attached Spa Opening – Remove cover, sanitize, fill spa, and start-up equipment (spa must be attached to the pool, not free-standing) $165.00


Vacuum my pool (Maximum of 1-hour vacuuming. Results vary depending on the condition of the pool) (Add $250)
Sanitize my cover (For PLAN 3 only) (Add $120)
Take winter safety mesh cover to measure for quote replacement cover, *non-refundable* deposit fee of $75. PLEASE NOTE: If you decide not to go forward with the quote, the fee is non-refundable AND you will be responsible for picking up your cover from our retail location (Add $75)

Terms & Conditions

IMPORTANT: Please make sure the power to your equipment is turned ON before our arrival.

Equipment: All equipment (plugs & baskets) MUST be out and accessible when we arrive. * If not, you will be charged for replacements.

Heater: We will turn off your heater after test-firing it. Any major repairs will be noted and can be scheduled for a later date.

Chemicals: The chemicals included with opening plans 2, 3, & 4 are 2 lbs. shock, 1 qt. algaecide and 1 qt. scale inhibitor. We cannot guarantee swimmable water. Additional adjustments may be necessary. After the pool has been circulating for 48 hours, we recommend bringing in a water sample to determine what chemicals will be needed to balance the water.

Re-scheduling: A $50 fee may be accessed if you cancel or reschedule within 72 hours of your appointment.

If you sign this form, you acknowledge that all costs will be taxed upon checkout.

Any additional requests above and beyond what is stated on the opening form are subject to 2024 pricing/quoting.

By Completing the Opening Form, You Agree to the Terms & Conditions

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