pH: No Longer Off the Hook

Anyone who understands the phrase “off the hook” grew up in a simpler time, one where cell phones didn’t exist, and no one really knew what pH was or why it’s significant in a hot tub. Those days are far behind us, and now we recognize that pH is one of the most important components in a well-maintained spa. Last week we examined why pH is important; today we’ll explore how to keep the pH right where we want it to be.

  • Test the water at home. This is the easiest, yet most neglected action anyone can take to ensure simpler spa maintenance. For in-home testing, one simply needs to dip a test strip in the water, and then wait 10-15 seconds to see roughly what color they get for the pH. While this is far from a precise measure of where the pH is, it’s a simple way to gauge whether the pH balance is “on track” or “off track”. Testing the water takes less than a minute and can save a lot of time and money fixing the problems that can occur if the pH is out of balance for too long.


  • Use a pH buffer. There are products that can be added to the water that help keep the pH intact. While there is a buffer that naturally exists in the water, called Total Alkalinity, sometimes it’s not enough to help keep the pH in line. Other buffers can be used to alter the way pH is buffered, and can often do so more effectively than Total Alkalinity can. A water care professional should be consulted prior to the use of any pH buffering products.


  • Have the water professionally analyzed. This is something that a water care professional (such as the ones here at Swimming Pool Services) can perform in 60 seconds, and is the best way to get the pH balanced. We are able to provide a printout that shows exactly where the pH stands, as well as the exact measurement of what is required to correct, it if needed. This analysis is free, and is one of many ways we make it easy to maintain and enjoy your paradise!

Don’t let that pH get off the hook-! The consequences will be much worse than they were when this phrase applied to telephones. Rather than a scolding from mom and dad, your wallet will be silently furious with how much that neglectful behavior can cost!