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We want to make your experience with your pool or spa the best it can be. To help serve you better, we have greatly expanded and remodeled our showroom, and invite you to stop by. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to answer all of your questions. If you bring us a sample of your water, we will provide you with a free water analysis to assist you in balancing your pool or spa water. You will find all you need in one convenient spot: chemicals, filters, lights, pool and spa covers, even replacement parts.

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Pool Supplies - All your pool needs

Swimming Pool Services is an authorized BioGuard dealer, offering professional quality swimming pool products and supplies that are the best solution for your pool care. From chlorine to saltwater pool care products and accessories, you’ll find the right product for your backyard oasis. We stock a wide variety of supplies to keep your water sparkling all season long. Our offering includes: sanitizers, oxidizers, balancers, algae products, cleaners, water enhancers and off-season products.

Pool Cleaners - It does the work for you

An automatic pool cleaner is one of the best investments for your pool. Using an automatic cleaner in your pool does the work for you and saves you time. With the correct cleaner, pool maintenance should take less than 20 minutes per week.


We carry both robotic and pressure automatic cleaners by Polaris. The robotic model, 9550 can tackle any pool terrain, including climbing steps and walls. It has programmable timers and customizable cleaning cycles that allow you to set it and forget it. The pressure models, 3900 Sport and TR35-P, require a booster pump.

These models include a TailSweep, a sweep hose attachment that blows debris out of corners and hard to reach places.

Water Treatment - The key to sparkling water

We offer a comprehensive water testing service that makes it easy for pool and spa owners to maintain their water. Using our BioGuard Smart Lab, in 60 seconds we can tell you exactly what needs to be added to balance your water. Simply bring a sample into our showroom and let our water experts help you keep the water clear and enjoyable.

Poolside Products - More than pool supplies

Wireless Speaker & Underwater Light Show

Be the life of the party with the Underwater Light Show speaker from Game.  This Bluetooth wireless speaker has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours and floats in your pool while displaying a colorful light show in your backyard paradise. It also lets you sync multiple units together, answers incoming calls and has a built-in hanger, so you can light up the dance floor too!

Toys & Accessories

Enjoy total relaxation in your swimming pool with Aqua Cloud. This oversized cushioned pool float is extremely comfortable and does not retain or absorbs water. It is filled with ultra-buoyant foam that wraps around body contours. Made of heavy-duty fade-resistant mesh fabric, the Aqua Cloud will retain its vibrant color for years. In the pool, on the deck, or as a cushion, there are many options for this versatile cushion. These floats will likely be your child’s favorite indoor pillow!

Illuminate your life with LED lights by Main Access. With wireless remote control, push a button to light up your life — 8 to 10 hours with no batteries. Choose from 24 color options and 4 illumination modes: Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth.

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