One Hour Pool Care – Part One: Chemicals

Many people think that caring for and maintaining a pool takes a lot of time and energy.  With a few tips, you can keep your pool care routine under an hour a week.  This will be the first in a 3 part series covering the major aspects of pool care including ways to keep your pool swimmable with minimal effort.

Chemicals – can often be the most daunting part of maintaining a pool.  As an authorized BioGuard dealer, we offer a few different programs that make water chemistry the easiest part of pool care, and they don’t take very long either!

  • 3 Step Program
    • Smart Sticks/Silk Tabs – either one of these products will sanitize the pool, which means they kill bacteria.  The sticks/tabs feed into the water through a skimmer or chlorine feeder and destroy contaminants in the pool.
    • Smart Shock – offers oxidation for the pool, meaning that it removes contaminants that the sanitizer kills.  The best part about Smart Shock, is that swimmers can re-enter the pool 15 minutes after it has been applied.
    • Back Up/Algae All 60 – help prevent algae.  It is easier and cheaper to prevent algae than it is to get rid of algae.  Adding one of these weekly will help keep algae away all summer long!
  • Mineral Springs
    • Beginnings – this is typically only added at the start of the season.  This product provides the minerals needed for a chlorine generator to produce the chlorine needed to keep the pool clean.  The Beginnings just needs to be topped off at the start of each season, and is usually not needed again.
    • Renewal – this is added weekly to top off all of the benefits of the Mineral Springs pool while also helping to protect the equipment.  It helps keep that water feeling silky smooth while also extending the life of everything in the pool.

No matter which program you use, the chemical portion of your pool maintenance should not take more than a few minutes.