Keeping Swimmers Comfortable

You always hear about water chemistry and how important it is to test and maintain your pool water.  One main reason for this is bather/swimmer comfort.  Here are 5 factors that can affect bather/swimmer comfort in your pool:

  • Water balance, more importantly, the pH. Properly balanced water (pH of 7.4-7.6) should feel better.  We aim for the pH to be in that range because that water is more beneficial and comfortable to the eyes and skin of those swimming in the pool.  This magic pH number comes from our own bodies; the pH of the fluid in our eyes is 7.5.  Pool water with low pH (around 6) can cause rashes in children or those with sensitive skin.
  • Proper sanitizer reading. It is important to have sanitizer in your pool water so any contaminants will be destroyed.  Without enough sanitizer, contaminants can thrive and grow – causing irritation or spreading water borne illnesses.
  • Borates, a product that can be added to the water. Borates help the water feel softer, as well as help prevent and eliminate algae growth.  They are typically added once a season, normally at the beginning.  Borates are also commonly used in eye drops and provide that same cool, refreshing feeling to your pool water.
  • Salt water. This is a rapidly growing method for improving the feel of pool water.  Salt water pool care is a different way of providing sanitization while also improving the feel of the water.
  • Temperature, mostly a matter of personal preference. Most people enjoy the pool between 80 and 88 degrees, though this may vary throughout the season.

Keep those swimmers happy and comfortable this summer with proper water chemistry!