It’s Not Too Late to Replace Your Liner

You can still replace your pool liner in the fall.  In fact, fall is the best time to replace your liner.  By installing a new liner in the fall, you’ll be ready for the new swim season come spring.  Here are 4 reasons to replace your liner in the fall:

  • Less Precipitation – We typically have less precipitation in the fall than we do in the spring.  A lot of precipitation can impede the liner replacement, since the pool needs to be empty first.  There are also less chances of running into ground water in the fall, which can also delay the new liner installation.
  • Open Your Pool When You Want To – By replacing the liner in the fall, your pool will be ready for opening when you’d like to open it.  If you wait til spring, you may have to delay the liner depending on the schedule of your installer.
  • Price – Pricing for liner replacements tends to be more favorable in the fall since there are less replacements scheduled compared to in the spring.  You can also lock in the current year’s pricing and not have to worry about any increases with the new year.
  • Liner Issues – Sometimes the liner doesn’t fit right or got damaged during shipping.  By replacing in the fall, there is time to get a corrected liner and install it without causing you to miss out on important swim time.

When you install your new liner in the fall, it allows you to get a full swim season out of your pool and helps keep troublesome issues at bay.  In the end, when you replace your liner is up to you.