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If interested in a new inground pool, please watch the video below for more information on our timeline, process, budget and options.

Enjoy It All Year With An Indoor Pool!

Is an indoor pool as simple as installing a building over your existing pool? Unfortunately, no. When you have a pool in an indoor space and run it through the winter, special considerations need to be made to handle the heating of the space so that it is comfortable to use all year and to handle the humidity that can result from having a pool indoors. This leads to the next question that someone considering an indoor pool will typically ask which is “How much would it cost to build and indoor pool room?

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Want To Know More About Indoor Pool?

For starters, an indoor pool room will require the installation of specialized heating and dehumidification to protect the structure and to allow the space to be used no matter the weather outside. This equipment can add $20,000 to $50,000 to the project cost depending upon the type of system and size of the space. Other considerations in determining the cost of this type of facility would be the size of both the pool and the room, finish materials, site access and options on the pool.

While it is very difficult to nail down the budget range for a project like this until some of the above parameters are figured out a space like this will generally start in the $150/ SF (of room) in new construction situations ($200/ SF when added to existing homes) and go up from there. These budget numbers would include the building, pool, and HVAC needs for space.

Usually, the next question that comes from someone considering an indoor pool is “How long will it take to build an indoor pool room?” This obviously depends upon many of the variables mentioned above but generally, a complete turn-key project will take between 6 and 9 months.
If this sounds like something that you would like to pursue further your next question would probably be “How would I get the process started?” The most efficient way to build an indoor pool is to start with designing the pool, since its size and shape along with any other uses of the space will determine the room size needed. Once the room size is determined we can work with an architect or design-build contractor to begin developing building plans for the project which will allow us to create a project budget. Our design team would be happy to help you turn your dream into reality so contact us today

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