How to Have a Safe Pool Party

July means summer, and summer means pool parties.  Everyone loves hanging out by the pool in the summer.  If you’re hosting a pool party soon, here are a few ways to keep safety top of mind to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves.

-Make sure your pool deck is clear.  With extra bodies around the pool, you want the pool deck to be clear of any obstacles that could result in somebody falling or getting hurt.

-Consider the capacity of your pool.  An overcrowded pool isn’t fun for anyone.  Be sure to keep a tally of how many people will be attending and using the pool.

-Hire a lifeguard or pool monitor to watch those swimming.  This takes the stress off of you, knowing that little ones are being watched at all times.  If lots of young children are coming, ask parents to stay and watch their own children or provide life vests for extra protection.

-Keep safety and emergency equipment close.  If you don’t have the equipment, make sure you have it by the time of the party.  Recommended equipment are life ring with rope, poles, and flotation devices.

-Have a set list of “Pool Rules”.  These should be communicated and posted near the pool so everyone can see them.  Some examples are No Diving (if you have a shallow pool), No Dunking, No Running, etc.