How Much Does a Pool Cost?

This is a question we hear often.  Building an inground pool is a major project.  Before investing time and energy in the design and construction process, potential clients try to get a rough idea of the cost to see if a pool is a worthwhile and affordable investment for them.

There is not a simple answer to the cost question.  The first challenge is determining what the client is looking for.  How do they envision using the pool?  Do they want an entertaining area near or around the pool?  How big of a pool are they interested in?  What shape of pool are they considering?  Most of these initial conversations start with the client saying they are looking for a “simple, low maintenance pool, that’s 16’x32’, with a nice patio around it.”  This gives us a good starting point for the client’s vision.

The next challenge is identifying factors that can impact the cost of the project.  Some of these, like site topography and construction and utility access cannot be determined without spending some time with the client and gathering more information on the property.  Materials used for the project can also affect the cost of the project.  For example, a deck with pavers will cost more than a traditional concrete deck.

It is important to factor in costs for things outside the scope of the pool.  Repairing damage to the yard or major hardscape work can have a big impact on a project budget.  By keeping the big picture in mind and including all aspects in the budget will keep you from going way over budget or from having a half finished project.

Our not so simple answer for the previously mentioned pool (simple, 16’x32’ with surrounding patio) starts around $50,000 and can increase from there based on the factors we discussed.