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Experience the ultimate relaxation with Waukesha Hot Tubs, designed for superb massages and efficient water care. Ideal for gatherings with friends or serene nights under the stars, these models can accommodate up to seven adults comfortably. With a minimalist design and strategically placed jets, our hot tubs offer deep, impactful massages tailored to specific muscle groups. Committed to ease of ownership, Waukesha Hot Tubs feature advanced filtration systems for crystal-clear water and are built with cutting-edge technology to provide energy efficiency, keeping operational costs low and your comfort high.

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Waukesha 735

With upright seating for up to 7 adults, roomy dimensions of 7’ x 7’ x 36”, and 35 powerful jets, our Waukesha 735 model showcases the apex of hot tub craftsmanship and elegance. Known for its sophisticated design and therapeutic features, this elegant hot tub offers a premium soaking experience. Each unit is built with the utmost attention to comfort, integrating ergonomic seating and potent jet performance for a rejuvenating experience. Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and sophistication with this premium hot tub model and elevate your home into the ultimate destination of tranquility and style.

Waukesha 735L

Discover the luxurious 735L model from Waukesha Hot Tubs, where indulgence meets advanced engineering for your ultimate comfort. This model features a seating capacity of 6, including 5 upright seats and 1 lounge, perfect for relaxing in various postures. This unit spans 7’ x 7’ x 36” and includes 35 strategically placed jets designed to target key muscle groups, offering a deep and revitalizing massage. The 735L blends exquisite aesthetics with functional sophistication, creating an inviting ambiance. Whether you seek therapeutic relief or a luxurious gathering spot, this model transforms every soak into a blissful getaway.

Revolutionizing Relaxation with Unmatched Comfort and Sophisticated Design


Ultimate Relaxation

Waukesha Hot Tubs stand out with their uncompromising approach to comfort, crafting an unparalleled spa experience. Relaxation is at the forefront, with each hot tub designed to cradle the body in perfectly contoured seats. These seats, suited for various body types, make sure that each soak is a serene escape from the everyday.


With Premium Features

From a design standpoint, Waukesha Hot Tubs balance aesthetic elegance with practical functionality. The minimalist style, combined with a choice of sophisticated colors, complements any outdoor décor while the user-friendly control panels and energy-efficient operations make these hot tubs a favored choice for any home.


For a Rejuvenating Soak

Waukesha Hot Tubs are built with robust components offering reliability and longevity. Each model features dual high-performance, energy-efficient jet pumps and a comprehensive filtration system, maintaining optimal operation with minimal energy usage. These systems work in tandem to deliver powerful yet soothing water flow, providing a consistent and invigorating hydrotherapy experience.

Circuit Therapy

For a Therapeutic Experience

Circuit therapy in Waukesha Hot Tubs offers a tailored therapeutic experience. With 35 strategically placed jets in each model, users can enjoy a sequential massage as they move from seat to seat. This unique arrangement targets different muscle groups, from the neck and shoulders to the lower back and feet, enhancing the therapeutic benefits and making every session a holistic treatment for the body and mind.

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