The Utopia® Series

The Pinnacle of Luxury and Comfort

We make it easy to have a private paradise in your backyard.

The Utopia® series represents the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in hot tubs. With advanced hydrotherapy features, sleek designs, and top-tier materials, you get an unparalleled relaxation experience, blending cutting-edge technology with ease of use for the ultimate spa indulgence.

Check Out The Utopia® Features

Seats & Jets

Ultimate Comfort

The Utopia® series’ ergonomically designed seats and jets provide unique, body-hugging contours and feature additional jets for hips, wrists, and neck for a comprehensive hydrotherapy experience.

Circuit Therapy

Targeted Relief

The Utopia series offers advanced circuit therapy, featuring varied jet formations and intensities for a comprehensive hydrotherapy experience, with each seat targeting specific muscle groups.


Effortless Water Care

The innovative FreshWater® Salt System, offers easy-to-maintain, long-lasting, and natural-feeling water. This system simplifies water care for a clean and luxurious spa experience with minimal effort.


Durability & Style

The durable and stylish ECOTECH® Plus Cabinet is available in three colors, complemented by a sleek black header, wood-grain accent, stainless steel trim, and integrated LED light bar.


Intuitive Touchscreen

The Utopia Series features intuitive touchscreen controls for easy adjustment of jets, lighting, sound, and salt systems, complemented by a convenient auxiliary control panel.


Elegant Features

The SpaGlo® lighting system elegantly highlights various zones of the spa, including the bar top, footwell, waterfall, and exterior front panel, creating a visually captivating and immersive spa experience.


For Optimal Enjoyment

Utopia models feature low-profile integrated speakers compatible with Bluetooth. Optional 22″ 1080P wireless monitor with an anti-glare screen and a vinyl cover allow for live TV and streaming video enjoyment.


Save Money

Utopia models enhance efficiency through thermal isolated base pans which minimize ground contact. The EnergyPro circulation pump operates at a low wattage and transfers the pump’s operational energy back to the water as heat.


A Helpful Feature

A glowing Caldera ON/Ready logo badge on each Utopia model indicates when the water has reached the desired temperature, filter changes, and service requirements.

The Perfect Shape and Style for Your Space


Utopia Spa

Seats: 8 I Jets: 74 I Dimensions: 9′ X 7’7″ X 38″


Utopia Spa

Seats: 7 I Jets: 52 I Dimensions: 7’5″ X 7’5″ X 38″


Utopia Spa

Seats: 6 I Jets: 55 I Dimensions: 7’5″ X 7’5″ X 38″


Utopia Spa

Seats: 6 I Jets: 48 I Dimensions: 7′ X 7′ X 36″


Utopia Spa

Seats: 6 I Jets: 46 I Dimensions: 7′ X 7′ X 36″


Utopia Spa

Seats: 3 I Jets: 39 I Dimensions: 7′ X 5’6″ X 33″

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