Hot Tubs ARE NOT Bubble Baths

Anyone who took a bubble bath as a kid remembers creating a Santa beard with the bubble, throwing bubbles at their sibling, or making such a mess that their parents never let them take another bath.  In a hot tub, these bubbles are called foam, and while they may be fun for the kids, foam represents something gone wrong in the water.  Here are a few examples of what can cause this to occur, and how to get rid of foam in a hot tub.

  • Not enough sanitizer.  This is far and away the most frequent cause of foam in a hot tub, and it’s pretty gross!  This occurs when the chlorine/bromine gets too low, resulting in an overload of contaminants that the water needs to get rid of.  The water tries to push the contaminants out in the form of foam.  Any time foam is seen in a spa, the first step is to test the water and see whether or not sanitizer is present.
    • SOLUTION:  Add chlorine/bromine/shock or whatever the water is treated with!


  • Recently washed swim suits.  Oftentimes, if a swim suit has recently been through the washing machine, the detergents will react with the chemicals in the hot tub and create foam.  This type of foam will usually dissipate if given enough time, but can be addressed if there is a lot of it and/or the spa is being use.
    • SOLUTION:  Add Anti-Foam to eliminate it instantly.


  • Build up in the lines.  If the hot tub is more than a few years old, stuff can accumulate in the plumbing.  It’s a good idea to clean out the plumbing annually, otherwise the power is diminished, sanitizer is less effective and foam can occur.
    • SOLUTION:  Use Spa Purge to clean out the lines.

While it may be tough to tell the kids to not make that germ infested Santa bear in the hot tub, the alternative is no fun.  Hot tubs should never become bubble baths, and the sight of foam should immediately be followed by testing the water, and adding the appropriate solution based on those results.  Getting rid of foam in a hot tub is easy, and should be done before using it.