Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

It’s no secret that a relaxing soak in hot water has several benefits.  People have been doing it for centuries, since the ancient Roman bathes.  With a new year upon us, and a renewed focus on bettering ourselves, let’s look at how just a short soak in a hot tub can improve your health.

Better Sleep
A soak in your hot tub releases tension and relaxes your body.  It also resets raises your body temperature, which in turn increases circulation.  After you leave the hot tub, your core temperature lowers slowly, signalling the body that it’s time to sleep.

Arthritis Pain Relief
The increase in body temperature from your soak, increases blood circulation and the buoyancy from the water relives stress on your joints and muscles.  Couple this with the warm water massage from the jets to further relax muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins.

Faster Healing
Time in a warm spa with soothing jets can help your blood supply nutrients to cells and tissues to help them regenerate and heal faster.  A soak in the hot tub is a unique healing environment.

Overall Stress Relief
Soaking in your hot tub goes beyond increased blood flow and circulation.  Studies have shown that blood pressure drops after time in a hot tub.  There are also soothing effects felt from just enjoying your time in the hot water and letting your stress melt away.  There’s a sense of calm after you’ve had a soothing massage in a hot tub.

Make this year the year of you!  Treat yourself to all the relaxation and benefits a hot tub at home offers.  There’s no better way to spend a frigid Midwest winter day than in a soothing hot tub.  If you haven’t experienced the restorative powers of a soak in a hot tub, you can try one in our showroom!  We invite you to invest in yourself and come see the difference a soak can make.