Family Benefits of Owning a Pool

After being in the pool industry for over two decades, I’ve heard all kinds of reasons for why a client wants to add a pool to their backyard.  I’ve come up with the top 5 ways swimming pool ownership can improve your happiness, health and family.

  1. More Time at Home:  We’ve had clients opt for building a pool in their backyard instead of purchasing a boat or membership to an athletic club.  The pool always ends up getting more use and is more convenient than packing everyone up in the car and hauling the boat somewhere or travelling to the club.  Having a pool at home also means you can skip the community pool or crowded water parks.  The time that would have been spent packing and driving can be spent poolside instead!
  2. Family Time:  A swimming pool actually gets kids to put down their electronics and enjoy some fresh air.  It’s a way for families to unplug from all the distractions of life and spend time together.  Technology can make it tough for families to really enjoy quality time these days.  A pool provides that quality time that can strengthen all the relationships in your family.
  3. Fitness:  Everyone can reap the fitness perks of a pool.  Whether it’s swimming laps or playing Marco Polo, there are ways for the whole family to get fit in and around the pool.  Exercising in water is low impact and can work most major muscle groups, making it suitable for any age.  All that time spent in the sun helps tire everybody out too!
  4. Peace of Mind:  Many parents worry about what their children are doing when they are out of their sight.  A swimming pool is an incentive for your house to be the hangout spot for your kids and their friends.  We’ve had many clients enjoy this benefit of pool ownership.  You can rest easy knowing that everybody is having fun while in a safe environment.
  5. The Grandchildren:  Sometimes the benefits of pool ownership extend to the next generation.  When it comes to giving the grandkids a reason to visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house, nothing adds incentive like a swimming pool.  We’ve had many clients add pools as empty nesters to attract their children and grandchildren back to their home to spend time together.

The benefits of owning a swimming pool can be different for different people.  The important thing is that you enjoy it and the time spent in it, building memories.  Did we miss one?  Let us know in the comments!


Dave Thompson – Pool Builder, Outdoorsman, Big Green Egg Egghead