Extend Your Patio Season

You have this great outdoor space that you and your family love to use, but you live in Wisconsin and the temperature is starting to fall…

Good news!  There are a number of ways to extend the use of your outdoor entertaining space.

Start with the type of space that you are currently using and what your primary activities are.  For example, if your entertaining is centered around a pool, there are additions you can make that extend your entertaining season later into the fall and earlier into the spring.

Adding a spa or hot tub allows swimmers to warm up before or after using the pool.  Our clients that have both a pool and a hot tub, open earlier and close later because swimmers & bathers can warm up on a cold day.  Another option is patio heaters.  These can either be permanent or portable and can warm a space when the temperature starts to drop.  We’ve all seen these in use at restaurants and cafes to help keep patrons comfortable in cooler weather.

IMG_8998If you’re looking to add ambiance, consider a fire feature.  There are many options for these, from fireplaces and fire pits to fire bowls.  I remember enjoying an outdoor hot tub in the mountains of Colorado during a snowstorm thanks to a gas fire pit alongside the hot tub to keep the bathers warm as they sat on the side.

Landscape Screen

Perhaps your patio is prone to a chilly north wind in the fall.  You can add a landscape screen to help with the wind and allow you to spend more time using the space.  A screened gazebo or pavilion, is another solution.  One of these structures will also help with bugs, if they are an issue, and make it easier to heat since they are enclosed.

Picture it…a cool fall day with great colors, your favorite football team on the TV (Go Pack Go) and you and your family and friends enjoying both.