Elements of a Professional Lighting Display

Everyone enjoys lights at Christmas, but some of us don’t enjoy the hassle of putting them up.  That’s where professional decorating services come in.  We’ll climb the ladders and hang the lights so you can enjoy them.  If you’re considering a professional installation, there are 5 elements to a professional lighting display.  Each element adds their own sparkle to the display.  You can use a combination of a few elements, one element on it’s own or all five.  Here are the elements as explained by Christmas Decor and what they emphasize on your home.




1.  Roof Lighting – provides a great foundation to the decorating theme.  Fascia lighting creates sharp lines and angles.  Ridge lighting emphasizes height and depth.


2.  Window & Feature Lighting – windows are lit with symmetrical perfection providing a touch of elegance.  Window lighting highlights the central spectrum of the property and can be enjoyed from the inside as well as the outside.






3.  Tree & Shrub Lighting – tree and shrub lighting can be broken down into 3 different categories:  tree canopy lighting, tree trunk lighting and shrub lighting.





4.  Ground Lighting – stake lighting adds the lower spectrum to your lighting program by outlining walks, beds, and driveways.  These lights illuminate pathways and glow beautifully through the snow.




5.  Daytime Decor – garlands, wreaths, and bows around doorways, arches, and columns offer a festive daytime look.  Miniature lights bring these decorations to life at night.