Don’t Get Burned!

Memorial Day is only a few weeks away!  Although you couldn’t tell by the weather lately, summer is coming.  Once those warm, sunny days arrive, we all just want to be outside.  It’s important to think about our skin and staying safe while enjoying our time outdoors.

We all know the kids love to live outside in the summer.  And we’re just as content to let them because it means they’re getting fresh air and staying out of the house.  If you have a pool, the kids like to live there just as much.  Sunburns just aren’t fun to deal with.  There’s nothing worse than being stuck inside when everyone else is outside because you got too burnt the day before.

Here are some tips to keep everyone protected from the sun so there’s more time to play!

If you’re more likely to remember something with an acronym, think SHADE!

Allow breaks
Drink Water
Eye protection

Protect your skin this summer and enjoy those summer days while we can!