Don’t Forget the Pool!

Vacations are great for getting away and recharging.  Whether you are traveling for work, with family, or friends, it is easy to overlook the pool or spa needs during your time away.  We get so busy making sure that the mail is picked up and Fido has a place to stay, that we often forget to make sure the pool or spa are taken care of.  You don’t want to come home to an unswimmable pool!

It is recommended that either a friend or family member checks on your pool or spa while you’re away to check the chemistry of the water and to make sure that the water level is at the correct height.  It is crucial that the water level for a pool or spa remains at the proper height in the skimmer, so that the pump does not run dry and risk burning out the motor.  This is even more important for spas during the winter, since there is a lot of evaporation with cold outside temperatures and warm water temperatures inside the spa.

We offer a vacation maintenance program for those who are looking to have their pool watched over during their vacations.  Our technicians will come out to the pool or spa, brush, vacuum, skim, check mechanicals, and balance the water using your chemicals.  Let us make it easy for you to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about your pool or spa.