Deck Looking Dull?

Even though it’s officially winter here in Wisconsin, there are still some things you can do to improve your outdoor space for next summer.  Winter is a great time to upgrade your wood deck.  It won’t put the deck out of commission and our summers are short enough.  By working on the deck now, it will be ready for you to enjoy all summer long and you won’t sweat as much when working outside this time of year.

One popular upgrade for a wood deck is to change the material used for the deck.  If you’re tired of staining and the upkeep for traditional wood, this may be the route for you.  Common maintenance free materials for decks include cedar, composite and epay.  When considering these materials, it is important to look at their expansion and contraction properties as well as their fading properties.  You don’t want to have to replace your deck boards in a few years due to their new, faded color.  These materials require little to no maintenance and will keep you enjoying your deck.  Epay is also fire resistant and can be a great material for including a fire pit on your deck.

Upgrading your deck can also mean adding square footage or steps or reconfiguring the traffic pattern of the space.  This is a great time to add a seating area, or create that BBQ island that you’ve been dreaming of.

Another upgrade is changing out the material used for railings.  If you upgrade the deck material, chances are you’ll want the railings to match the new material.  Just keep in mind that railings can be a pricey update depending on the material.  Contemporary materials like glass and composite can be more costly than the more traditional materials.

If you’re happy with the shape and flow of your deck, there are other updates you can do.  Adding shade from the sun is a popular update.  This can be done with a pergola, awning, canvas or other materials.  You can also update or change you existing furniture or add a patio heater or fire pit.

A little planning and sweat equity now can give you a great entertaining space for the coming summer.