Christmas Lights: LED vs Incandescent

With Christmas around the corner, many of you are starting to think about hanging your lights and decorating for the holiday.  This is where the debate between LED and incandescent bulbs comes in.

Incandescent bulbs were the go to bulb until the last few years when LED bulbs started to gain in popularity.  Let’s compare the two types:

*LED bulbs have a longer service life than incandescent bulbs.

*LEDs also use up to 90% less energy, and burn cooler than incandescent.  This is why they are cool to the touch and incandescent bulbs are hot to the touch.  Remaining cool to the touch can be huge if you’re concerned about safety and the surroundings of the light bulbs.  With LEDs, there’s not as much concern about leaving them on for long periods of time or using them with garland or other decorations. Since LED bulbs use less energy, this means you’ll have a lower electric bill than you would with incandescent bulbs.

*LED bulbs are great for outdoor applications.  Most homes don’t have several outlets available on the outside of the home.  Since LED bulbs use less energy, you can usually use one outlet for multiple strands without causing shorts or tripping breakers.

*LED bulbs give off truer colors than incandescent bulbs.  The color for LED bulbs comes from the light themselves, where most incandescent bulbs get their color from the lens or bulb around the filament.

*Incandescent bulbs are usually lower priced than LED bulbs.  Their shorter life means they need replaced more often.

The LED bulbs seem to be the better option.  But everyone has their preferences.  Just make sure to keep safety in mind when hanging your lights and decking your halls this holiday season.