Choosing the Right Pool Cleaner

Vacuuming is widely considered to be the biggest hassle when it comes to owning a swimming pool.  We recommend having an automatic cleaner, which makes it much easier to keep the pool free of debris.  There are a few different options when it comes to selecting the best cleaner.


Pressure Side Cleaner – These cleaners work extremely well because they can drive around the pool for as long as desired.  They operate off of a piece of equipment called a booster pump, which exists only for the purpose of operating a pressure side cleaner.  These cleaners plug right into the side of the pool, and do a very effective job of keeping the whole pool clean.


Robotic Cleaner – These cleaners are great because they can cover the entire pool in just a few hours, and they effectively scrub the pool as well as suck up the debris.  They can be plugged into any 120v outlet, and they climb the walls, steps, and even scrub the water line.  There are a variety of different features available on these cleaners, which can make them even easier to use.


In-Floor Cleaning System – The surefire way to minimize the amount of manual cleaning in a pool, an in-floor cleaning system is built right into the pool and has jets that push all the debris to a drain in the bottom of the pool.  In-floor cleaning can be utilized at any time of day and removes all physical labor when it comes to vacuuming the pool.