Pool Entertaining Ideas

Your pool, spa or hot tub makes an exciting venue for parties and other gatherings that bring together those who matter most. *We borrowed this blog from our friends at APSP (Association of Pool & Spa Professionals - http://escapetowater.com/hot-tub-pool-entertaining-ideas/)*   In a recent study commissioned by the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, four out of [...]

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BioGuard TruBlue Promise

Never worry about algae or cloudy water again with our BioGuard Tru•Blue Promise™ program! With Memorial Day around the corner, we know that means the pool season is almost in full swing.  Don't let a sudden outbreak of algae or the mysterious appearance of cloudy water keep you from enjoying your pool. These are the [...]

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Pool Construction Process

Check out this bird's eye view of one our latest projects.  This video walks you through all the stages of constructing an inground pool, from breaking ground, to framing, and installing the vinyl liner.  This part of the process typically takes 1-2 weeks, as long as mother nature cooperates.  All that's left is the finishing [...]

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Pool Covers and Energy Costs

There are many ways to cover your swimming pool when not in use. The two most common ways to cover a pool in the Midwest and colder states is either by a solar cover or an auto cover. Auto cover fabrics are typically made of vinyl material where solar covers are made up of a [...]

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Perfect Pool Water

Crystal clear, sparkling, clear as a bell, blue.  These are all descriptions people have of their pool water when everything is seemingly going well.  But what happens when your water is not one of these describing colors? Sometimes water changes colors; most of the time it is due to a chemical imbalance, lack of circulation, [...]

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Pool Entry and Seating Options

So you've decided to the take the plunge and build a pool! One of the many things to consider when designing your new pool is how you will get in and out of the pool.  Most pools will use a step and ladder combo.  Steps with a handrail in the shallow end make it easy [...]

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When Will I be Swimming?

Once someone has decided to build a pool at their home, the next question they ask is "When can you start?"  This is normally followed by "How long will the process take?"  or "When will I be able to enjoy my pool?" Before we answer these questions, it's important to know what you or your [...]

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Diving in to Pool Ownership

Do you find yourself thinking about purchasing a home with an existing pool?  Never owned a pool before?  Here are 3 things you should consider before diving in to pool ownership.  Be smart about old pools.  If the pool you're considering is older, be aware that it might need some repairs or upgrades.  Before purchasing [...]

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What Does it Cost to Own a Pool?

As with any of the fun things in life, owning a pool comes with some strings attached. The costs of owning a pool in Wisconsin can be broken down into three categories:  seasonal, energy, and water treatment. Seasonal costs: The seasonal costs of pool ownership typically include opening the pool for the season and closing [...]

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