Algae Prevention

Algae can be one of the most frustrating issues to deal with in a swimming pool.  Algae blooms are caused by spores entering the pool and not getting sanitized & filtered out of the water.  The spores can enter your pool through wind, storms, items or swimmers entering the pool.  Here’s what we recommend to ensure you don’t have to battle algae:

  • Regular use of algaecide – Many people view algaecide as something they only add to their pool when they get algae. This mindset is a surefire way to end up getting algae. We believe in preventative maintenance, and we know that it is much easier and cheaper to prevent algae than it is to get rid of it. By incorporating a few ounces of algaecide into a weekly routine, it becomes far more difficult for algae to start growing.
  • Proper circulation – A question we often receive from people is “how often do I need to run my pump?” While 12 hours a day is the bare minimum we’d suggest for pump run time, we know that the more the pump runs, the more difficult it is for algae to arise. This is true because in order for algae to start growing, it needs a surface to cling to, which is difficult to do in water that is moving. In stagnant water, this becomes a much easier task, and any time the pump isn’t on creates a better opportunity for algae to thrive. Granted, if the water chemistry is maintained correctly, it will be tough for algae to grow in stagnant water. But even with perfect water chemistry, a body of water without enough circulation will still be prone to form algae.
  •  Optimizer Plus – Optimizer Plus is a product that is part of what we call our “Algae Free Guarantee.” Adding Optimizer to any pool will essentially make it impossible for algae to grow in properly maintained water. It’s easy, because it only needs to be added at the start of the season, and then it doesn’t need to be administered again until the following year. An added benefit is that Optimizer Plus will make the water feel genuinely softer, too!

Don’t let algae ruin your summer.  By taking these few simple steps, crystal clear water can be something that’s achieved with relative ease!