4 Reasons to Open Your Pool Early

It’s starting to feel like summer!  Rising temperatures are a reminder that it’s time to think about opening your pool.  Many of our customers ask us if it’s too early to open the pool.  We don’t think so.

With Memorial Day right around the corner, below are the top four reasons to open your pool early:

  1. Algae.  If it’s warm enough for your grass to be growing, chances are things are growing in your pool too.  It is easier for algae and bacteria to grow once the water temperature gets above 60 degrees.  The sooner you open your pool, the easier it will be to deal with algae or any other contaminants in the pool.
  2. Aesthetic.  Pools are pretty and your backyard looks more welcoming when the pool is open and uncovered.  An open pool is a clear sign that summer days are coming.
  3. Money.  Some pool owners think that an open pool is an expensive pool.  Opening your pool early is a cheaper alternative to the expensive chemicals and supplies that are needed to treat and prepare a late-opening pool.
  4. Swimming.  Being in the Midwest, it’s hard to tell when summer temperatures will be here to stay.  Opening early means you’ll be ready to jump in when the opportunity presents itself!