Diving in to Pool Ownership

Do you find yourself thinking about purchasing a home with an existing pool?  Never owned a pool before?  Here are 3 things you should consider before diving in to pool ownership.

  1.  Be smart about old pools.  If the pool you’re considering is older, be aware that it might need some repairs or upgrades.  Before purchasing a home with a pool, we recommend having a pool inspection.  Like with a home inspection, this will alert you to any repairs or upgrades the pool will require so you don’t get stuck with a money pit.  Beware that the pool might not be the only thing that needs upgrading.  Depending on the age of the pool, the fence and surrounding area may not satisfy current regulations.
  2. You’ll have to do some maintenance.  Owning a pool isn’t all sunscreen and pool parties.  You’ll have to do some work to keep the pool safe and swimmable.  Pool maintenance should only take about an hour a week.  This includes testing the water and adding chemicals as needed, and cleaning the pool.  If you keep up with maintenance, the pool should not become unruly.
  3. Pools don’t have to be an energy suck.  Most people think there are huge costs for operating a pool, but there doesn’t have to be!  Pool equipment is more energy efficient today than in years past.  New variable speed pumps can cut energy costs by as much as 90% (bringing operating costs down to as low as $10 a month).  Heating costs will depend on the size and shape of the pool and the water temperature but typically range between $400 and $800 per season.  Solar covers are one way to cut down on heating costs.

Pool ownership should be enjoyable.  If any aspect has you feeling anxious, many local pool shops offer “pool school” and other tips to make owning a pool fun.  We all want you to enjoy your pool and spend more time in it than maintaining it!