Diving in to Pool Ownership

Do you find yourself thinking about purchasing a home with an existing pool?  Never owned a pool before?  Here are 3 things you should consider before diving in to pool ownership.  Be smart about old pools.  If the pool you’re considering is older, be aware that it might need some repairs or upgrades.  Before purchasing […]

What Does it Cost to Own a Pool?

As with any of the fun things in life, owning a pool comes with some strings attached. The costs of owning a pool in Wisconsin can be broken down into three categories:  seasonal, energy, and water treatment. Seasonal costs: The seasonal costs of pool ownership typically include opening the pool for the season and closing […]

Summer Reads

Whether you’re headed to a beach or just soaking up rays poolside, summer is a perfect time to finally get to that stack of books you’ve been meaning to read.  If you’re stack is dwindling, or you’re looking for new additions, we’ve got you covered!  Add these titles to your list and enjoy some summer […]