Don’t Get Burned!

Memorial Day is only a few weeks away!  Although you couldn’t tell by the weather lately, summer is coming.  Once those warm, sunny days arrive, we all just want to be outside.  It’s important to think about our skin and staying safe while enjoying our time outdoors. We all know the kids love to live […]

Can I Afford My Hot Tub and My Car?

A major concern for many people when considering a hot tub is “how much will it cost to operate?” This is a concern that rightfully exists, as the operating cost of the wrong hot tub can equal a modest car lease. A lot of hot tubs have a lot of similarities, so it can be […]

Best Hot Tub for Your Poolscape

Are you considering adding a hot tub to your poolscape?  Not sure what type you should choose? There are several types of spas or hot tubs available to buyers today, and sometimes it can be difficult to decide which is the best for you.  Hot tubs can be used for therapy, exercise, aesthetics, or to […]