Replace Your Pump and Save!

“My pool pump is working fine, I will replace it when it dies” We hear this phrase from customers often in the pool business. It is very hard to convince someone to replace their pool pump with an energy efficient one when they are dead set on running the current pump into the ground. Eventually […]

Cost of Replacing a Vinyl Liner

If you own a vinyl liner pool, you will have to replace the liner over the life of the pool.  Vinyl liners typically last 8-15 years depending on the pool.  To get the most out of your liner, we recommend keeping the pool water at 80 degrees or lower, keeping your water balanced and keeping […]

What’s the Best Pool Type for Me?

People often ask what type of pool we build.  The more important question is what is the best type of pool for you? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the different pool types. Concrete Pools Advantages: These can be built in any shape and the support systems can be customized to best fit the […]

pH: No Longer Off the Hook

Anyone who understands the phrase “off the hook” grew up in a simpler time, one where cell phones didn’t exist, and no one really knew what pH was or why it’s significant in a hot tub. Those days are far behind us, and now we recognize that pH is one of the most important components […]