Hot Tubs ARE NOT Bubble Baths

Anyone who took a bubble bath as a kid remembers creating a Santa beard with the bubble, throwing bubbles at their sibling, or making such a mess that their parents never let them take another bath.  In a hot tub, these bubbles are called foam, and while they may be fun for the kids, foam […]

How Much Does a Pool Cost?

This is a question we hear often.  Building an inground pool is a major project.  Before investing time and energy in the design and construction process, potential clients try to get a rough idea of the cost to see if a pool is a worthwhile and affordable investment for them. There is not a simple […]

Health Benefits of a Hot Tub

It’s no secret that a relaxing soak in hot water has several benefits.  People have been doing it for centuries, since the ancient Roman bathes.  With a new year upon us, and a renewed focus on bettering ourselves, let’s look at how just a short soak in a hot tub can improve your health. Better […]