Uncover the Key to More Hot Tub Time

Have you ever been ready for a soak in your hot tub but decided to skip it because you didn’t want to wrestle with the cover?  This can be a common occurrence.  We find when people are not using their hot tub as often as they used to, it’s usually because something about their ability […]

Elements of a Professional Lighting Display

Everyone enjoys lights at Christmas, but some of us don’t enjoy the hassle of putting them up.  That’s where professional decorating services come in.  We’ll climb the ladders and hang the lights so you can enjoy them.  If you’re considering a professional installation, there are 5 elements to a professional lighting display.  Each element adds […]

Salt vs Chlorine

Traditional chlorine pools have been a backyard staple for decades.  But lately, saltwater pools have grown in popularity.  There are a few key differences between the two, and you should pick the one that will best fit your needs and lifestyle. A main benefit of a saltwater pool is the water itself.  Salt is softer […]

Soak in the Savings

Energy consumption is something none of us can avoid, especially with regard to enjoying many of the toys that life offers. Wasting energy is not good for the environment and it’s certainly not good for our wallets! When it comes to hot tubs, many believe that a luxurious hot tub requires luxurious upkeep costs. We’ve […]

It’s Not Too Late to Replace Your Liner

You can still replace your pool liner in the fall.  In fact, fall is the best time to replace your liner.  By installing a new liner in the fall, you’ll be ready for the new swim season come spring.  Here are 4 reasons to replace your liner in the fall: Less Precipitation – We typically […]