Extend Your Patio Season

You have this great outdoor space that you and your family love to use, but you live in Wisconsin and the temperature is starting to fall… Good news!  There are a number of ways to extend the use of your outdoor entertaining space. Start with the type of space that you are currently using and […]

When Should You Close Your Pool?

We are often asked when is the best time to close a pool for the season.  There are different factors that dictate when you should close your pool, from water temperature to the amount of debris that could get into your pool.  The industry standard is to “open your pool early and close your pool […]

Ultra Violet Light and Ozone

Pool owners are always searching for new and improved ways to treat their pool water.  They are looking to make it easier to care for pool water and also to lessen the impact of sanitizers in the water on bathers. We have been using Ultra Violet light to remove spent chlorine and neuter bacteria in […]

Ways to Make Over Your Pool

There are many reasons to remodel your pool.  Perhaps you are looking to remodel the surface of your pool.  Or maybe you would like to add a few luxury features such as a beach entry, baja landing or a rock waterslide.  There are also some subtle changes that will completely change the look of your swimming pool like […]